The use of non-invasive sampled matrixes in the comet assay as well as different types of white blood cells

Riga, January 28th to 31st 2019

Nikolajs Sjakste Venue: University of Latvia, House of Nature, Jelgavas Street 1, Riga, LV 1004, Latvia


Andrew Collins

Roger Godschalk

Sabine Langie

Stefano Bonassi

Massimo Moretti

Mirta Milić


Ana Siskova - Czech Republic 

Aneta Gajowik - Poland 

Anja Haveric - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Carina Ladeira - Portugal

Carla Russo - Italy

Elisabeth Elje - Norway

Ezgi Eylul Bankolgu - Germany

Fisnik Asllani - Kosovo

Goran Gajski - Croatia

Ibbo Willems - Belgium

Katarzyna Sikorska - Poland

Khaled Habas - United Kingdom

Lada Zivkovic - Serbia

Magdalena Czajka - Poland

Maria Sanchez Flores - Spain

Merve Bacanli - Turkey

Nursen Basaran - Turkey


Tuesday 29th January (9:30 - 17:30)

9:30 - 12:30: mini-symposium "DNA integrity in health and pathology" (public)
13:30 -17:30: start of hCOMET-COST training course

Theoretical introduction on non-invasive sampling in the comet assay and importance of different WBC types. Topics will include:

- Andrew Collins: 'The use of different blood cell preparations in the comet assay.'

- Roger Godschalk: 'Pros and cons of isolating white blood cell subtypes for Comet analyses'

- Maria Dusinska: 'Use of lens/eye cells to study DNA damage.'

- Massimo Moretti: 'Use of saliva in exposure assessment.'

- Sabine Langie: 'Use of saliva and buccal cells in human biomonitoring: a small case study'

- Mirta Milic: 'The use of buccal cells as a non-invasive material in genotoxic studies.'

- Stefano Bonassi: 'Data pooling in molecular epidemiology'. & 'Epidemiological and statistical issues of human biomonitoring studies using the comet assay'

Wednesday 30th January (9:00-18:00)

Hands-on training with various WBC fractions and lens cells
- Parallel groups will rotate to allow all to attend both trainings - Lysis over lunch - Demo on scoring

Thursday 31st January (9:00-18:00)

Hands-on training with buccal cells & saliva in the comet assay:
- Parallel groups will rotate to allow all to attend both trainings - Lysis over lunch - Demo on scoring

Friday 1st of February (9:00-12:00)

- Data analysis and interpretation 

- Open discussion

- Take home messages

- Closing of the training

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